West 21st Street Drive-In (Leave Your Car at Home)
Family Business, New York City

co-curator in collaboration with CCS Bard, class of 2014

Join us for a reconfigured drive-in theater presented by CCS Bard and Family Business. As a response to a very particular set of institutional and practical parameters, a cargo van will project work sourced from Bard MFA artists on West 21st street, displacing the gallery framework and repurposing the function of the vehicle as a mobile presentational device. The content stems from the decision to bring together the Bard MFA and CCS Bard programs, in a forced but perhaps fruitful collaboration.

Irina Arnaut
Jake Davidson
Ragnheidur Gestsdottir
Anton Ginzburg
Dani Leventhal
Jason Mena
Boru O'Brien O'Connell
Elizabeth Orr

About Family Business:
Family Business is a new exhibition space initiated by Maurizio Cattelan and Massimiliano Gioni. Located in Chelsea at 520 West 21st Street, Family Business is a guest house—a place where friends and enemies are invited to present the works of artists they support and projects they believe in.